The new seats, which are really both the same color, waiting to be installed.


Cesar did a great job repairing and strengthening the chasis, undersealing, painting, replacing all battery supports and even putting bumper pads near the roof clips to add tension to the clips.  He made these out of an old inner tube and they work great.

You can see the repairs below.  Impressive job!

We enjoyed a very successful swarm thanks to InsideLakeside,  at Perry's Fish and Chips today(24th).  (see pictures below)

I drove the cart for the first time to Perry's, and discovered, while going downhill, there were no brakes.  I did manage to stop before I hit anything.  The mechanic is coming out Wednesday to check them.  I removed the seats to get them recovered to discover an alarming amount of rust.  Hopefully I am running out of new discoveries.  

New batteries and lights are installed.

Still need to fix the seats.

The mechanic comes to inspect the cart, while Enriqueta (Mario's mom) and myself offer advice and guidance.  Fortunately we had a very patient mechanic.